Royalwind Ocean Moisturizing Perfume Shampoo

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Royalwind Ocean Moisturizing Perfume Shampoo

Product Description:

This series of products adopts a weak acid moisturizing formula, which does not damage the scalp during shampooing, and instead forms a lubricating protective layer on the hairline to reduce the friction on the hair cuticle and the hair core. Perfume Shampoo adopts a formula of multiple perfumes, leaving long-lasting fragrance on the hairline to keep good mood all day long.

Target group: Dyed and ironed hair

Product efficacy: Moisturizing Hair Conditioner is inspired by Aegean Sea with clear, elegant, mellow and lasting fragrance.

The extracts of marine brown algae and kelp are added specially against dry, split and faded hair caused by unscientific care. Straight Sensation Hair Conditioner can act with hair protein to form a moisturizing mixture to enhance hair color, improve hair quality and prevent split during shampooing.