Royalwind Intensive Repair Shampoo

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Royalwind Intensive Repair Shampoo

Product Description:

This series of products is rich in APG plant essence, vitamin B5, hydrolyzed protein and amino acid scalp care stock solution. Fragrance Scalp Care shampoo can cleanse the scalp, balance the scalp environment, supplement the protein components needed by the scalp and keep the scalp healthy during shampooing.Hair Strengthening Shampoo contains multiple classic fragrances, with lasting fragrance, and keeps the hair clean and fragrant all day long.

Target group: People with dyed, damaged and fragile hair

Product efficacy: The perfume is bright fresh and long-lasting with a blend of rose and cananga odorata fragrance, creating an unparalleled charm.

Ginseng extract is added. Hair Nourishing Shampoocan moisturize the hair sustainably, prevent the hair from cracking and splitting, protect the damaged hair, supplement nutrition for the hair, intensively repair fragile hair, improve dyed and damaged hair, and make the hair smooth and healthy during the shampooing process.