Hair Blackening &?Strengthening TCM Shampoo

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Hair Blackening &?Strengthening TCM Shampoo

Product Description:

This series of products are refined and made by inheriting the essence of Chinese herbal medicine, hair raising principle of traditional Chinese medicine, selecting the finest Chinese herbs to be made into hair-raising stock solution by integrating modern biotechnological technology. Natural Herbal shampoo is mild and can deeply regulate the scalp to solve various hair problems through shampooing process.

Target group: People with withered, dull and fragile hair

Product efficacy: Hair Blackening TCM Shampoo takes superior fallopia multiflora, yerbadetajo herb, glossy privet fruit, ganoderma lucidum, cynomorium and salvia miltiorrhiza as raw material to prepare hair care stock solution. By shampooing, Hair Smoothing TCM Shampoo can nourish the scalp, strengthen hair roots, blacken hair, and make hair jet, thick, lubricated and shiny.