Fresh Ginger Hair Toughening &?Energy Activating Shampoo

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Fresh Ginger Hair Toughening & Energy Activating Shampoo

Product Description:

Target group: People with fragile, dry, yellow and dull hair

Product efficacy: Cleanse the scalp, remove dirt, repair and nourish hair roots

Fresh Ginger Hair Toughening Shampoo uses natural ginger supplemented by glossy privet fruit, rhizomadrynariae, radix salvia miltiorrhizae, dan shen and chuan qiong to prepare ginger Hair Toughening Stock Solution. By shampooing, Hair Renewal Shampoo can effectively deal with hair fragility, hair withering and hair splitting. By consistent use, it can deeply nourish hair roots, strengthen and rejuvenate hair, and restore healthy and shining hair.